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Simple Needs Collection for May 2024
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This summer, MUST Ministries will continue the time-honored tradition of partnering with churches, schools, corporations and volunteers to feed thousands of kids in the metro-Atlanta area all summer. MUST's goal is to provide breakfast and lunch to at least 7,500 children for 9 weeks.
An estimated half a million meals will be distributed across eight counties (Bartow, Cobb, Cherokee, Douglas, Fulton, Paulding, Pickens & Gwinnett). In addition to food, MUST will also have mind, body, and soul activity kits. Summer Lunch will run from June 1 - July 31. Continue scrolling to learn how you can get involved! Donation Suggestions for Summer Lunch Program:


8 oz bottle of water 
Capri Sun

Motts Apple juice

Lunch Entrée

Mac & Cheese cup

Ramon Noodles

Microwave pasta

Rice cup

Noodle bowl

Slim Jim (2)

Breakfast Entrée

Cereal cups

Breakfast bar

Pop tarts

Oatmeal packet

Grits Packet

Pre-packed muffins

Snack Item

Bag of chips/cookies

Fruit Snacks/Fruit roll-ups



Sandwich crackers

Cheese dip & pretzel sticks

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