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Mt. Zion United Methodist Church was officially begun on August 19, 1892. The first building was constructed on Post Oak Tritt Road, just off Johnson Ferry Road, across from the Mt. Zion Cemetery. In 1911, "...the church building was old and rotten, in such bad condition that repairs were deemed impractical." The schoolhouse [next to Mt. Zion Cemetery] was newer and in much better repair, and it was not used anymore as a school. "...the men met at the church and tore down the old building. They pulled the schoolhouse across the road on log rollers using a capstan tied to a tree and turned by Chapel's mule, Old Kate. After setting the former schoolhouse on a foundation of rock pillars, they cut two doorways, one for men, the other for women) into what had been the back of the schoolhouse, and boarded up the former front door."


In 1964, Mt. Zion moved to her present location on Johnson Ferry Road. The property was donated by Mr. A.A. McPherson, who asked that any chapel built be located so that he could see it from his front porch just south on Johnson Ferry Road. Stones were gathered from nearby fields, as members of the church built what is now our Chapel, which was dedicated in 1994 as the "Ed Turpin Chapel," in honor of Mr. Ed Turpin for his many years of service to Mt. Zion United Methodist Church.



A new sanctuary was constructed in 1976. The Family Ministries building was completed in 1985. In 1997, after several years of planning, Mt. Zion entered into a campaign, "ReCreation...Making All Things New", to renovate the church facilities.


Mt. Zion UMC looks forward to an exciting future in East Cobb: Loving, caring, serving, and making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. We invite you to join us and be part of this future together!

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