We come together to open our minds and hearts through studies of the Bible and books by Christian authors.

Generally people 50+ years old



We create a space for Bible and faith-based studies where we can open about our journeys with faith and continue to grow through lessons.

Generally people 60+ years old


Open Table

We seek to learn more about our faith, to share ideas about practical application of faith—from raising children to managing careers to strengthening marriages—in this self-taught class with volunteers leading discussion.

Generally parents with children in elementary and middle school


Pairs and Spares

We focus on Christianity in our current culture, environment, and contemporary social issues. We are an active group that enjoys mission projects, volunteer outings, and social events.

Generally people 50+ years old




We are a discussion-oriented class with volunteer facilitators leading us in Bible study and in works by various Christian authors. We take what we learn and put it to practice as we participate in mission and volunteer projects, as well as social events.

Generally people 50+ years old



We focus on Bible studies and life application of the lessons for Christian families. We try to maintain a relaxed fellowship with a small-group atmosphere and an emphasis on service, helping in various missions.

Generally people 40-50 years old with children aged middle school to young adult


Wesley Workers

We explore themes in a discussion-based format using short-term series and DVDs in order to expand our faith and knowledge of scripture.

Generally people 55+ years old, mostly retired



This class is seeking those who wish to grow in a relationship with Christ and each other as we all traverse busy lives together.

Lessons will focus on independent weekly studies designed to help young couples and parents, who may find every week attendance a challenge.

Come when you can!