Visiting Lay Ministry

The mission of the Visiting Lay Ministry is to bring Jesus’ commandment, take care of my sheep, John 21:16 to life by visiting, listening and providing spiritual support in a confidential manner.


Take care of my sheep, John 21:16 - Jesus calls laity as well as clergy to take care of others.

Focus of Visiting Lay Ministry   

Visiting Lay Ministers focus includes visiting, listening, praying, sharing scriptures and serving communion to comfort and provide spiritual support to Care Receivers in a confidential manner.  

Visiting Lay Ministers are lay members that are trained to complement and supplement the Mt. Zion clergy’s on-going pastoral care and serve on request and behalf of the Mt. Zion clergy. The Visiting Lay Ministers report back to Pastors after their visit.

Lay members of Mt Zion United Methodist Church receive comprehensive training and screening before they are given the role of Visiting Lay Ministers.  

Visiting Lay Ministers respond to short-term care needs and homebound members, working beside the Stephen Ministers as they continue to assist in longer-term care needs.  

It is not appropriate for Visiting Lay Ministers to transport Care Receivers to medical appointments or other activities.  


Purpose of a Visiting Lay Minister:  

  • To walk alongside someone experiencing illness, the death of a loved one, being homebound or other circumstances deemed appropriate by Mt. Zion’s  Pastors
  • To visit people in the hospital, nursing facilities or in their homes   
  • To listen to and affirm people in a confidential manner
  • To encourage people to a deeper walk with Christ   
  • To pray for and with people who are hurting or discouraged   
  • To serve Communion in hospitals, nursing facilities or homes
  • To provide spiritual support
  • To be a living witness of Christ's love and grace