Mustard Seed Fund

The Mustard Seed Fund is a part of the outreach mission of the congregation at Mt. Zion UMC.  It is a small grants program designed to support worthy causes and to expand the missions of the church.  It is a means by which we can hear and listen to the needs of the communities that we interact with during our walk with Christ.  Our hope is to create a hospitable point of entry where the needs of these communities can be met by open hearts, willing hands, and financial support.


To prayerfully consider applications and make grants that would accomplish our missions

Instructions for Completing a Grant Proposal

  1. Please complete an application.
  2. Include a copy of the program and/or project budget for which the funds are being requested. Since the amount of funding requested each year greatly exceeds the church's budget for outreach grants, applications that provide detailed financial information and fiscally responsible requests are greatly appreciated. 
  3. To submit your request to
  4. Applications must be received by January 31.  Late applications will not be considered.
  5. You will be notified of the committee's decision within35 days of the due date. Grant funding will be available by March 15.
  6. You may submit any questions to Please specify "Grant Request Question" in the subject line.


Name of Organization:

Mailing Address:

Web Address/URL:


Amount Requested:

Summary Project Description (one sentence):

Briefly describe the project or program.  Please confine your narrative to a single page. Your description should address the following:

  1. the need the project or program addresses
  2. how the project or program will enhance your service mission
  3. the percentage of the total budget for the project or program that the Mustard Seed grant will provide
  4. who will be served by the project or program (estimated number served?)
  5. how you are evaluating the project or program

Would you or a member of your organization be will to attend a Mt. Zion event or service to describe the project or program?

Do you have a contact at Mt. Zion you are working with for this project or program?

Are there opportunities for engagement by volunteers from Mt. Zion? 

  1. If yes, how many people are needed for this project or program?
  2. Who would be the point of contact in your organization for volunteers (if applicable)?


Contact Person for your Organization (please include title, phone number, and email address):

Brief Description of the Mission of Your Organization:

Brief Description of the Clients of the Organization:

Brief Description of the geographical service area of your Organization:

Brief Description of the Organization’s current financial condition (please attach copies of your most recent financial statements (simple statements and not large packets):

Copy of the Organization’s 501(c)3 statement: [Note: some churches ask for tax exempt status instead]

Administrative Expense Percentage of Latest Annual Budget (if not described in financial statements):

Additional information?


This grant proposal has been submitted by:



Contact Information:


Who is eligible to apply?

We consider proposals that address at least two of the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Projects and programs that serve the needs of families in the Marietta area with particular preference given to programs serving the needs of seniors, youth, and children.
  2. Projects and programs that can benefit from working with volunteers from the Mt. Zion community.
  3. Projects and programs affiliated with the United Methodist Church ministries at the local, national and global levels.  We do not require that applicants, or the programs for which they are seeking funds, have an affiliation with the United Methodist Church.

What types of grants are provided?

This is a small grant program with the typical award being $5,000 or less.  We will consider proposals for larger amounts of funding requests.  We do not provide funds for operational expenses and obligations. 

How do we apply?

You can complete an application on-line at the following link [insert link].  You can also request an application form from the church office at [TBD].  Please contact [insert contact] for more information.

When are applications due?

January 31 of each year

How are decisions made regarding grant applications?

Grants are awarded based on the following criteria:

  1. Does the proposal meet at least two of the eligibility criteria listed above?
  2. Would successful completion of the proposed project or program enhance the recipient’s ability to achieve their service mission?
  3. Is the proposal well-thought out and likely to produce the stated goals?
  4. Does the proposal represent an opportunity for an expansion of the mission outreach of  Mt. Zion UMC?
  5. Is the applicant willing to send a representative to Mt. Zion UMC to share information about the organization, the project receiving funds, and ways in which people are being served? 

The Mustard Seed Fund Grants Committee meets once a year to consider grant proposals.  Applicants can expect decisions to be made by by February 28 of each year.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the Mustard Seed Fund and/or the application process?


or call 770-971-1465