12 week study in part 1 Starts September 18 at 10:00 am online via Zoom

Click Here for Video about The Amazing Life of Jesus Christ Bible Study

Jesus is more than a baby in a manger or a man on a cross. The Gospel writers tell the story of the One who left the glories of heaven to take on flesh, live as a servant, and die as the sacrifice. And The Amazing Life of Jesus Christ brings all the pieces together.


  • A chronological study through Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John on the life of Christ, journeying from His eternal preexistence to His future return.
  • A different attribute of Jesus for each lesson – Good Shepherd, Light of the World, King of Kings, Suffering Servant, and more – helps focus each week’s study.
  • This 24 week study leads you through in-depth study and daily personal application questions, bringing familiar stories to life and deepening your understanding of Jesus’ life and purpose on earth.

Please contact Tracy Wheelis, group facilitator, to sign up for access to the Zoom meeting and for instructions on how to order a book . Email tracy@wheelisfamily.com.