Asking The Hard Questions: Conversations on Mental Health

for Parents and Teens


Mental health is a topic that we often skim over within the church, even though our congregations are facing it in our daily lives. The leaders in our youth ministry have had numerous conversations with our youth regarding the mental health of our students over the past six months, and we believe that we are currently in a critical moment to begin having some of these difficult conversations. We invite you to join us in learning more about how our students are being impacted by mental health concerns.


This February, we will offer three Sunday night opportunities for parents and teens to engage in some conversations around a variety of different topics. We are excited to have Rev. Lindsey Geist joining us to lead discussion with our adults. Rev. Geist is a Deacon in The North Georgia Annual Conference currently serving as a Licensed counselor at Seeds of Hope Counseling. Rev. Geist works with churches and ministries across North Georgia in engaging in conversations, and has worked with youth groups in our own area regarding the same topic.


Recently, we polled the families of our students and identified some of the topics that are most important surrounding mental health for the teenagers in our lives. Our conversations will be focusing on the top three concerns.


February 9 - Anxiety

February 16 - Depression

February 23 - Tech and Social Media & Dinner with Discussion

5:00 - 7:00 pm



$30 max/family

teens are free


Each Sunday night, we will gather for a brief meal together at 5 pm, before youth and parents break off to have guided conversations. Our adult group will be led by Rev. Geist, and our youth discussion will be led by our youth staff. On our final Sunday evening, February 23, we will have break out groups from 5 to 6 pm before joining together at 6 pm for dinner and a guided framework for conversations between you and your students.


We strongly encourage everyone and their students to attend. We believe that fullness in our faith and understanding the life that God has for us begins with have open and honest conversations about the things that each of us struggle with. We ask that you please be in prayer for this ministry opportunity as we plan and facilitate that it will bear fruit within your families.

Asking the Hard Questions