WOW Prayer Time

We lift our prayers of thanksgiving for the gift of life eternal, of forgiveness and grace. In our worship we witness to the power of reclaimed lives, of renewed starts, of healed relationships and healed bodies. Join the WOW Prayer service Wednesday, April 21, at 6:30 pm (sign in early if you can), as we move out of ourselves and allow Jesus to take the lead, to take the center of our beings, see the hope for our own lives and the lives of those we love. Come. Look up to Jesus Christ. Accept his redeeming grace and live.

WOW Prayer Time

Let there be joy. Easter is a season to feel, even more than to understand. It is a season to accept more than to explain. Even though our foundations are shaken, even though we are broken, we move forward because that is where the Risen one is going. He is going ahead of us. Let’s keep moving forward. Join the prayer team as we seek to Live the Resurrection1 

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WOW Prayer Time

" Rend your hearts, so that through that crack we can really look at ourselves. Rend your hearts, open your hearts, because only in a broken and open heart can the merciful love of God enter, who loves and heals us. Rend your hearts says the prophet Joel and the apostle Paul asks us almost on his knees “be reconciled with God.” Rend our hearts, make us thine."


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