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Phased Re-opening Document

Email Your Meeting Space Request: communications@mtzionumc.org

In mid-september, Mt. Zion's Church Council met and approved plans for a phased reopening, based on COVID-19 threat levels and following the four color threat level matrix, adopted by Cobb County and as documented at the website globalepidemicsexplained.org

Currently Cobb County remains in the orange COVID risk level. As long as this level is maintained and we don't slip into the red zone, opening the campus to outdoor meetings has been approved. However, there are some requirements.

Groups, with a maximum of 25 attendees, wanting to meet must register to gather in one, or more, of four approved outdoor meeting areas. The building will remain locked so no bathroom facilities are available. Participants must bring chairs, except for those using the outdoor classroom, and mask and social distancing are required. Group leaders will keep track of attendance, in case contact tracing would ever become necessary. Also, groups will need to avoid meeting on weekdays between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm because Preschool is in session and they use the outdoor spaces.

The above graphic will be posted on the website. Click on it to go to a special COVID-19 page, for more detail about designated meeting areas and a link to the registration site. Meetings that are approved will appear on the church calendar in green, within 24 hours of your request. Registration links will appear a week at a time, with two weekly links available at a time. Preference will be given to Youth Group Events.

The four meeting areas each have a designated parking area to minimize cross-exposure between groups. Areas are as follows:

1 - Upper area under the upper room (drive through) out to the upper newly paved lot.

2 - Entrance area between the gym and play ground out to the paved area directly next to the playground.

3 - Covered area down by the covered scout lodge entrance to the scout lodge, and the parking immediately in that area.

4 - Outdoor classroom including the pumpkin patch covered area. The parking would be in that lower level.

Click Here for Overhead Map of Meeting Areas


As threat levels ease, Church Council will meet and consider meeting for worship and other limited building access. Please be patient and know that your health and safety are the prime consideration for these meeting restrictions and requirements. Email: communications@mtzionumc.org with questions or for more information.