The Staff-Parish Committee reflects biblically and theologically on the role and work of the pastors and staff as they carry out their leadership responsiblilites. The committee communicates and interprets to the congregation the nature and function of ministry within the UMC, preparation for ordained ministry and the ministerial education fund. It shall assist the pastors and staff in assessing their gifts and setting priorities for leadership and service. Together with the committee on lay leadership and the church council, communicate when there is a need for other leaders or for employed staff to perform in areas where utilization of the gifts of the pastors and staff proves an inapporpriate stewardship of time. The committee shall confer with and counsel pastors and staff regarding ministry effectiveness, relationships with congregation, interpret the nature and function of ministry, priorities in the use of gifts, skills, and time. The comittee provides annual evaluations of pastors and staff, identifies continuing educational and spiritual renewal and professional certification needs and plans. It develops and approves job descriptions and processes and procedures to hire, retain and provide appropriate total compensation and benefit packages. The committee shall enlist, evaluate and recommend to the charge conference candidates for lay preacher, ordained ministry, missionary service and together with the pastors, district superintendent and or bishop, as appropriate, make recommendations on staff and pastoral additions or changes as needed.

Cluster Chair: 
Staff Liaison: 
Rev. Harden Hopper, Senior Pastor


Member, Class of 2019
Ed Reedy
Member, Class of 2019
Victoria Dune-Chari
Member, Class of 2019
Martha Robinson
Member, Class of 2018
Ray Bridenbaugh
Member, Class of 2018
Richard Dumont
Member, Class of 2020
Chris Gibbs
Member, Class of 2020
Jean Barrier
Member, Class of 2020
Hillary Steiner
Delegate 1
Tracy Wheelis
Delegate 2
George Porter (Alternate)


Lay Delegate Annual Conference