The committee on finance receives all financial askings to be included in the annual budget of the local church. It develops and implements plans that will raise sufficient income to meet the budget adopted by the church council. It administers the funds received according to instructions from the church council and ensures designated funds are recorded and promptly handled according to the intent of the donor. Responsible for maintaining records of funds received and expenses paid, makes disbursements in accordance with the budget and designated funds, provides regular and detailed Treasurer reports to the committee on finance and the church council on funds received and expended. The committee makes provision for the annual audit and report to the charge conference, proper depositories for general and designate funds, annual report to the church council of designated funds separate from the expense budget.

Cluster Chair: 
Staff Liaison: 
Rev. Harden Hopper, Senior Pastor


Committee on Finance
Dave Moore
Marcia Nally
Lay Leader
Chris Flint
Church Council Co-Chair
Amy Smith
Church Council Co-Chair
Scott Smith
Staff Parish Relations Chair
Victoria Dune-Chari
Gordon Hellman
Cindy Stewart
Member, Class of 2021
Marcia Nalley
Member, Clas of 2021
David Rousculp
W. B. Baldwin
Member, Class of 2020
Dave Moore