As I have noted before, I appreciate the stained glass windows at Mt. Zion.  As we travel through Holy Week,
beginning this Sunday with Palm Sunday, I encourage you to take time in the sanctuary to observe
[most especially] the windows along the right wall.  The windows symbolically depict Jesus’ last days on earth,
and are in chronological order of how those events played out.  The picture below shows the array
of eight windows from Palm Sunday to Easter.   

The first window on the right as you enter into the sanctuary is the one for this coming Sunday, Palm Sunday,
entitled “Triumphal Entry Into Jerusalem.”  Notice its symbolism in the picture below, for the crowds waving
palm branches and shouting Hosanna!  There is also a star, which recalls the star that guided those long ago,
seeking the King of the Jews.  And, Jesus enters the city in the way of a king.

The windows follow the Biblical narrative:  The Last Supper, Gethsemene, Judas' Betrayal, Peter’s Denial,
Scourging, Crucifixion, and then in the picture below of the eighth window, notice the symbolism for the Resurrection. 
They placed Jesus in a borrowed tomb in a garden.  When the women went to anoint His body two days later,
the tomb was empty – He Is Risen!

As I walk down the center aisle of the sanctuary each Sunday, I am aware of the symbolic retelling
of the story of Jesus.  Passing the chronology of the episodes depicted, I am reminded of the faithful
journey Jesus took through those times, working out salvation for us all.  I am also reminded of the
journey we all take in not only accepting Jesus as Savior, but living into the faithful journey of salvation
as we grow in God’s Grace.  How do you see your life changed because of Christ, and like a living stained
glass window, how will you reveal that to others? 

Your brother in Christ,
Pastor Harden